Satya Jewelry-Gold Buddha Pendant Necklace


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The Satya Jewelry Buddha, Inner Peace Necklace - When we are truly at peace, we can move around the world in harmony. The necklace with a Buddha pendant promotes truth, peace and tranquility as it accompanies you on the path to truth.

Buddha: Truth, Peace, Tranquility

20mm pendant

18 '' length

18KT gold plated brass

Buddha - Sanskrit for the awakened - is an enlightened being on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. A Buddha is one who has attained wisdom or "bodhi" - an intellectual and ethical ideal that can be attained by humanity. Buddhists believe that a Buddha is born in every eon of time, and Gotama - the sage who attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya - is our Buddha and the seventh Buddha in a row.

Buddha is depicted in a form sitting cross-legged in the "lotus" position, a symbol of wisdom and spiritual growth. Buddha's hands can appear in various symbolic gestures or “mudras” that mean inner peace, fearlessness or the transfer of knowledge.

Prayer: Om Mani Padma Hum ("Om", pure body, mind and language of the Buddha; "Mani", practices that alleviate suffering such as compassion, love and intention to attain enlightenment; "Padma", wisdom; "Hum" pure Unity of wisdom and Buddhist practices).