PuraVida-Original Bracelets


It’s the bracelet that started it all. Each one is handmade, waterproof and totally unique—in fact, the more you wear it, the cooler it looks. Grab yours today to feel the Pura Vida vibes.

Black, White, Rose Quartz, Meadow Mist, Deep Blue, Festival, Hakuna Matata, Sun Set, Citrus Surfline, Steel Anchors, Berry Cute, Beal 
Neon Popsicle
BLCK (black)
WHIT (white)
ROSQ (pink, off white, teal, light blue,)
MDMI (green, grey brown)
DPBL (different shades of blue)
FEVL (neon pink, yellow and blue, white)
HAKM ( light and dark green, pink, blues, yellow, black)
SNST (pastel pink, orange and blue)
CITR (bright pink, yellow and blue)
STAN (light and dark grays)
BERB (lavender, light blue, grey)
BEAL (yellow, light blue, salmon pink)