The Grey Lotus Story


*The lotus flower is a symbolic in many religions and countries as a symbol of power.  It is a flower that emerges though the dirt and the muck of the swamplands. In fact, the conditions in which the lotus flower grow in, by looking at them, they appear that nothing can grow there. The lotus flower doesn't care though, it is strong and determined to rise out of the conditions anyway, completely unscathed and untarnished. The same way humans do during challenging unsure times. They continue to grow and arise no matter what they are brought up in and where they are in their lives.
*The concept of Grey Lotus clothing was dream that began on my couch.  I am a mom of 4 fast growing children.  Back in 2007, I was newly married, and had three tiny children very close together.  In addition to a growing family, I had a traveling  husband who would be gone sometimes months on end for work.  Needless to say I struggled a bit, quite a bit with finding time for myself to reconnect.  I love my children more than anything in the world but I didn’t have a lot of time for self care.  
The days that I was able to dedicate to myself I began doing & studying yoga and  mediation on a regular basis.  I equate all my personal success to this type of Eastern healing.  I wouldn't be sitting her right now talking to you if I hadn't had found alternative ways of healing.  
So wanted to package this type of feeling for others and roll it into a shopping experience like no other.   Just basically make shopping more Zen.  A finer experience overall.   It is our goal to pass that type of peace and feel an overall sense of calm so that you can go back home and not feel any additional stress in your life.
 I began to  research (from the couch) different various clothing lines from all over the country and organize capsule pieces that complimented over 'extra' pieces beautifully.  One thing in common was  that the pieces still had the practicality and durability to last, even if they accidentally got washed with the wrong laundry load.  
With strong attention to small detail throughout the store, I wanted to create an experience where men & women could come and feel some solace from their day.
Grey Lotus is a concept of ever-changing-as ever unfurling (opening and rising above adversity) into an enlightened, timeless, & confident....  more calmer version of themselves.