The Grey Lotus Story


Welcome to Grey Lotus, my name is Jodey.

The lotus flower is symbolic in many religions and countries as a symbol of power.  It is a flower that emerges though the dirt and the muck of the swamplands.  In fact, the conditions in which the lotus flower grow, by looking at them, they appear that nothing can grow there. 
The lotus flower doesn't care though, it is strong and determined to grow out of the conditions anyway, completely unscathed and untarnished.
The same way humans do during challenging & unsure times.
They continue to grow and rise up no matter what.
~The concept of Grey Lotus clothing was dream that began on my couch.  I am a mother of four fastly growing children.  In 2007, I was newly married, and had three tiny children very close together.  My husband who was an entrepreneur since birth, no not really, but since he was 20 years old he started his own business and has been doing that ever since.  He would say "see a need in the world and create a solution."  When he was traveling for work he gave me a notebook to write down all the ideas in my head, some big, some small, the point was to find something that I personally had an interest in.
During these days, I also began doing & studying yoga and mediation, while Doug traveled extensively for work.    
I began committing myself to rituals of breath work and movement while the little ones napped or in the early morning hours when the house was quiet.  I was drawn to yoga and mediation because it was the only regime that gave me movement as well as some much needed quiet time to reflect on what was going on in my own head.  The constant reflection allowed me to become more in tune with the world and myself and my weaknesses.  I realized that I, myself, always needed to always be growing, evolving, being softer at heart, to be able raise my children properly & as well as for my own sanity in the world.  Yoga helped me do that every day.
One day my teacher shared the story of the Lotus.   The lotus story became my favorite story because it's simply a story of growth and evolving.  Not getting stuck in the same mindset, the same routine.  The story of the Lotus is about always seeking and finding new things, new ways of doing things.  Working smarter & not harder, which can happen to all of as us, as long as you keep you mind clear, and your heart open. 
~So basically the story of the Lotus is one of my favorite stories to go back and reflect on, over and over again.
~How does this all apply to clothing you ask?
We spend most of our time in clothing, to me, clothes are items that cover your body and make you feel happy, they shouldn't make you feel like in order to wear them, you need to 'change' something about yourself.  Grey Lotus is is always on constant look out for new styles, brands & fabrics and details to always keep you the customer feeling good, feeling fancy but yet most importantly comfortable, in all the places your day and night takes you.
And...lets face it, we women spend  a majority of my time in yoga type, athleisure clothing.  I always caught myself pairing some type of understated detail with simple yoga pants: a ruffle, or a subtle tye dye print, or maybe some vintage jewelry.... I would also carry around a rose quartz in my pocket as a reminder of unconditional love for myself & for others.... All the things that would keep me feeling good & zen, all day, everyday- Clothes that worked for me & my lifestyle.  
~It was then that I decided to bridge the gap style and comfort and create a modern and practical approach to boutique shopping.  
That is where The Grey Lotus Clothing & Lifestyle was created.
The Lotus is ever-changing and growing, and improving.  
~It became my manifesto to supply the world with comfortable, unique, practical women's and men's clothing- that you can wear day to night, effortlessly.  We should always have a place to shop where you can quickly grab something and feel good about what you purchased simply because of the shopping experience & quality of the piece.  Clothing that you will keep in your closet and wear over and over again, year after year.
~My brick & mortar store includes strong attention to detail throughout.  I wanted to create an experience where men & women could come and feel some sanctuary from their day.
...Slowly we unfurl, like the Lotus flowers.....
The Lotus in me recognizes the Lotus in you.... Namaste.